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Illinois Tax Problems

Illinois Tax Problems Illinois Governor Pat Quinn was re-elected with a platform built on higher tax rates. According to many analysts, it was an improbable win because of the prospect of higher taxes. But to the surprise of many pundits, Governor Quinn was ushered into the office for another term.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Illinois’ Tax Problems specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The reaction can be understood if one takes a look at the figures. The proposed income tax hike amounted to a significant increase from 3% to 5.25%. In addition, the state would also impose a tax increase in personal property tax. As a result, the corporate tax rate would increase to 10.9%. It was a major upgrade and a burden to many businessmen. The expected and unexpected outcome of the proposed tax increase was to initiate a chain-reaction of events that forced big businesses to search for a place to relocate. In other words, Illinois could no lo nger be considered as a practical place to conduct business. It triggered a panic reaction from the governor, and he offered tax breaks for companies like Motorola, Sears, and Caterpillar. However, medium-scale enterprises were unable to avail of multi-million dollar tax breaks enjoyed by previously mentioned conglomerates. The tax problems prompted many to offer solutions to the burgeoning budget deficit of the state, and some said that it could be solved not by higher tax rates but reduction in expenses. Macroeconomics The articles offered a good case study of macroeconomics. Roger Leroy Miller’s book provided a clear discussion of macroeconomics because it is one of the means to study the economy of a state or a nation. In this particular case, the macroeconomic consideration for the state of Illinois examines the impact of the new tax laws not only on the giant corporations that can be found in the state but also on the economy of neighboring states. In addition, a macroe conomic view of the tax issue enables the analysts to see the cause and effect of certain policies. In other words, the macroeconomic view considers the wide-range effect on an area not just an individual. It must be pointed out that when Governor Quinn increased the tax rate, he also considered the macroeconomic impact of his decisions. Although the tax hike could be seen as an additional burden to the families which saw their tax bill increase significantly, the positive impact of the said move should not be discounted.Advertising Looking for article on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Governor Quinn made the argument that this move could narrow down the budget deficit and provide a better future for everyone. On the other hand, the neighboring states began to entice corporations to relocate. Viewed from a macroeconomic perspective, this means that unemployment rate in Illinois will skyrocket if Governor Quinn cannot stop the exodus from happening. Tax Issues The proposed tax hike was a reaction to the problem of budget deficit that threatened to derail the state of Illinois. The current figures indicated that Illinois could not pay 40% of needed expenditures. In other words, there was no way to generate $15 billion. If this amount were not in the government coffers, then there would be no money to pay for pension and healthcare expenses. It was a devastating prospect for the workers who diligently toiled for decades in anticipation of an idyllic retirement period. It was also a nightmare for those who depended on the state for employment benefits and healthcare. The public school system would be affected and other services that the government had to support. As a result, Governor Quinn was forced to increase the tax rate. The people acceded to his request because he made it clear that there was no other way to solve the problem. The people voted for Quinn because he convi nced them that he could solve the problems that buffeted the economy of the state of Illinois. The main component of the campaign promise was to force giant corporations to fork out more taxes. It was a proposition that was easy to understand. Big profits could be translated to more tax money and, therefore, could increase the funds of the state. Unfortunately, the plan backfired when corporations like Caterpillar and Motorola threatened to relocate to another state where the tax laws were not as crippling. When Governor Quinn began to offer tax breaks, the average tax payer began to recoil in dismay and unbelief. It came to a point when an expert weighed in and said that the decision of Governor Quinn to appease big businessmen with tax breaks was not only disturbing but could also create a dangerous precedent that could significantly erode public confidence. It could even create a major financial crisis in the said state. Solutions from Taxpayers’ Point of View There were t wo major groups of tax payers. The first group was comprised of employees and entrepreneurs. The second group consisted of the multinational companies like Caterpillar and Motorola. From the perspective of the first group, the solution to the problem was to increase the taxes imposed on big corporations. They also proposed to lessen expenditures. A specific suggestion was to reduce the amount of money that the state committed to pay retirees.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Illinois’ Tax Problems specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The second group, on the other hand, offered a one-sided solution to the problem. The solution came in the form of tax breaks. In other words, they were amenable to the idea of raising the tax rates, but when it came to the giant corporations, the amount that they had to pay was covered with the millions of dollars in tax breaks given by the state. Solutions from Selected Officials The solution provided by Governor Quinn was to raise the income tax of the workers and to increase corporate tax. But at the same time, he turned around to offer a tax break for big business groups like Motorola and Caterpillar. It should be made clear that government officials agreed with the proposal to cut government spending. As a result, the state legislature proposed a pension-reform bill. The purpose of the said bill was to reduce the commitment of the government to future retirees. Thus, the newly hired workers are not going to enjoy the same type of benefits received by present day retirees. Conclusion The budget deficit forced Governor Quinn and the state legislature to increase the income and corporate taxes. The campaign promise was anchored on the idea that giant corporations located in Illinois would help shoulder the burden. But when the new tax rate was announced, big corporations threatened to relocate, and this prompted another impulsive reaction from Governor Quin n. He offered tax breaks for these corporations. The people were dismayed with this new development and suggested other solutions that could help solve the tax problems faced by the state.

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QI Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

QI - Essay Example Considering this, the numbers in the spreadsheets were added to get the percentage of menus picked up by 100 units. This method was the appropriate one because it facilitated the computation of percentages using an easy formula. The breakdown of the menus and the floors required a unit that ensured the percentages provided the correct outcome that would give the accurate pickup. However, some challenges emerged during the entire calculation of the menu pickup project. These challenges were later rectified by having a menu pickup policy for diet technicians in order to increase the percentages. By using the original excel document of the menu pickups, highlighting was essential for the determination of the unusual or improper pickup units. For instance, highlighted in yellow were the menu p/u averages that consisted of items by Thumas, Danielle and Aaron. The results indicate that the pickup menus changed during the days, but had a constant Monti unit of 2 in the entire project. Similarly, the employees, namely Josie, Kristen, Sebastian and Eguono also registered different menu p/u percentages. This is because the menus picked up produced separate menus printed, giving different percentages. The perceived reason for this difference was due to maybe the employees taking lunch breaks at different intervals. It is also apparent that the employees took long hours choosing the menus pickups with others going for the ones with fewer complexities. Each worker failed to have their menu pickups when required to because of the difference in time intervals taken for breaks. Some workers were good with sticking to their programs, while others were logged off at most of the times. This caused the delays and differences in the percentages, which also resulted in the different averages at each level. For instance, the averages established by Dawn, Thumas and Sebastan were higher compared to the ones by Melisa, Angela and

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If It's Legal, It's Ethical; and Besides, Everyone Does It Essay

If It's Legal, It's Ethical; and Besides, Everyone Does It - Essay Example Group hedge-fund, Raj Rajaratnam obtained inside information through supporting the graduation parties of several young executives in major companies such as Intel. Arthur Anderson and Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation (CSFB) shredded documents that would be crucial in pending Enron investigations. The outcomes of such behaviours were costly legal suits by the SEC, loss of investor confidence in the industry (Jennings, 2012). Other executives were sentenced for long terms in jail. There are no disadvantages competitively if companies do not engage in the same behaviours as those of the industry. Companies that behave ethically will attain higher reputation and trust from clients thus gaining a competitive edge in the market. If firms do not follow the unethical industry behaviours, they will avoid costly suits by the SEC and gain market reputation (Jennings, 2012). Some of the negative consequences for companies that adopted industry practices include costly suits by the SEC, loss of investor confidence and bankruptcy. Such companies distorted the market prices and led to decline in the market capitalization since some investors sold their stocks below the issue prices in order to avoid further losses. If everyone in the industry is behaving unethically, it will not be difficult for one to be caught. The Securities and Exchange Commission constantly monitors the transactions of each financial identity after complaints of insider trading thus facilitating the identification of criminal and unethical behaviours. On the other hand, the SEC requires the suspected individuals to voluntarily assist in the investigation in order to qualify for leniency in the exchange of the insider trading and market manipulation testimony (Jennings,

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Trumpet Voluntary Essay Example for Free

Trumpet Voluntary Essay The novel, Trumpet Voluntary, was written by Jeremy Harmer. This story is about unhappy love. One day when Derek came home he discovered that his wife had disappeared. He offended the members of his music quartet by leaving them to follow his wife to Rio de Janeiro. It was especially difficult for a cellist Rachael, who had fallen in love with Derek when they were students. Having arrived in Rio de Janeiro he met a Cuban detective Oswaldo, who helped him find his wife Malgosia. When Oswaldo found some information about his wife’s location they immediately went there. It was a big white bungalow, where she was with her first boyfriend Tibor. Tibor was a gangster and on that day he waited for his gang members. Oswaldo and Derek were observing them at a distance. Suddenly Derek ran to Malgosia when she left the house but one of gang members fired a gun at him. Luckily Derek survived because Oswaldo took him to the hospital. In the hospital he learned from Oswaldo that his wife had been flown back to her family in Warsaw. In Warsaw he learned from Malgosia’s parents that she had died. She had been poisoned by some form of nerve gas or some kind of chemical agent. When he came back home he had problems with the police. Rachael’s mother was a lawyer and she helped him avoid troubles. At the end Rachael and Derek married. Derek’s life gradually became better. The issue of this book is love. Tibor was a gangster and he involved Malgosia in his criminal deals. He caused a lot of trouble for her. Tibor used her to transport nerve gas from Scotland to Brazil. Malgosia was a musician and no one was going to search a trumpet case. After learning that he had used her only for fun Malgosia killed herself, having opened the case of nerve gas. What dramatic consequences! In my opinion, she shouldn’t have started relationships with Tibor again because she had known what kind of person he was. Malgosia’s story shows that people can do anything for love. What about Derek? He was a good and kind man. He didn’t understand how much Rachael loved him. Rachael was a woman with good manners. Dereks’s father told him that Malgosia wasn’t his type of women. If he had listened his father’s advice, then he wouldn’t be in troubles. I think sometimes people find love but they don’t realize that love can be nearby.

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The Red Room by H.G Wells and The Signalman by Charles Dickens Essay

The Red Room by H.G Wells and The Signalman by Charles Dickens `'The Red Room' by H.G Wells and 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens are two short stories set in the later 19th century ('The Red Room' 1896, 'The Signalman' 1860s). 'The Red Room' is a Gothic horror story while 'The Signalman' is a story containing many elements of Gothic horror from the earlier 19th century. They both mention the supernatural although 'The Signalman' is questioning it and 'The Red Room' is a story made to prove that there is no such thing as the supernatural. H. G Wells created fear and suspense in 'The Red Room' in many ways. He raises the suspense level mainly through the personalities of the three old custodians, with language, description and their actions. The man with the withered arm gives aid with increasing the suspense level with his repetitions of the phrase 'It's your own choosing.'. It is a warning repeated three times, an effect used in 'The Signalman as well. The repetitions of a phrase or an action three times is an element used by writers to increase fear and suspense because the number three is believed to be an unlucky number, although at that time when there was superstition and questions of witches and the supernatural, it would have given a much better effect. Wells also raises fear with the old woman always staring at the fire, 'the old woman sat staring hard into the fire, her pale eyes wide open.' And 'her eyes fixed steadily on the fire.' I have come to learn that that is because fire was a symbol of security at that time and in some cases today although now the television is the main symbol of security. On top of that, the description of the second old man is very strong and vivid and makes t... ... the story is different for each. 'The Signalman' is a lot slower than 'The Red Room' that jumps right into the excitement and suspense. Although the technique Dickens used also creates suspense because he makes the reader want to read on from the beginning to know the answers to enquiries created at the beginning of the story. In conclusion, I feel that suspense is mainly created through the dark and scary settings, awkwardness of the characters and the descriptions of the nerve wrecking situations that excite readers a lot. I think that 'The Signalman' is the most suspenseful story because 'The Red Room' is more exciting and thrilling than suspenseful and 'The Signalman' again I mention has so many questions that even people who finish the story still can't answer like how we are not sure whether or not the spectre actually exists or was it a vision.

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Pakistan Of My Dreams

Dreams are natural. That is why everyone in this world is prone to dream. One always makes a plan about his future. So I have a Pakistan of my dreams which would be different fro the present one. First thing it would be a Pakistan in which there will be no racism communalism and provincialism. First of all I would root out communalism whatever its shape or from may be. All such tendencies which fan the forces of separatism and disruption would be eliminated. Unity will be celebrated.Next I want Pakistan to be scientifically advanced, technologically better and agriculturally sound. I would like to build a Pakistan where science and scientific ideas and not the blind faith and fanaticism, crude emotionalism and coarse sentimentalism would rule. I would like to bring Pakistan at the apex of scientific and technological progress. The Pakistan of my dreams would be a Pakistan which is self sufficient in food All the waste and barren lands would be cultivated for achieving self sufficienc y in food grains.Agriculture would be given special attention because agriculture is the base of Pakistan economy. An agrarian revolution would be brought about by launching intensive agricultural programmes and farmers would be asked to use better seeds and fertilizers. I would like the country to be highly industrialized. This is the age of machines and industrialization of the country is a must if the country is to taken to the zenith of progress and prosperity with out industry the country cannot make progress. I would also strengthen Pakistan's defense.The country would e so strong that no enemy would ever dare to cast her covetous eyes on the sacred soil of Pakistan. Defense and security of the country would be of paramount importance. For this the country would be equipped with all the paraphernalia of modern defense. Abolition of ignorance and illiteracy would be my next endeavours, because these are a curse. People would be educated on a mass scale then the system of democr acy would be workable. The next thing which I would like to see in Pakistan of my dreams would be the abridgement of the gap between the rich and the poor.National income would be disturbed rationally among he sections of the society. Provision of food housing and clothing to one and all would be given top priority in the Pakistan of my dreams. For achieving and accomplishing this socialism would be the only remedy which if practiced sincerely would really usher Pakistan in an era of economic equality. Thus Pakistan would really be counted among the leading powerful countries of the world and would also guide those countries which are still slaves of big powers.

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The Gender Identity Of Young Women Constructed And...

How is the gender identity of young women constructed and communicated through self-representation on Instagram? Student ID: 200901452 Module Name and ID: Critical Issues in Media and Communication (COMM5135M) How is the gender identity of young women constructed and communicated through self-representation on Instagram? The question that our research project asked was ‘How is the gender identity of young women constructed and communicated through self-representation on Instagram?’ Through this question we also looked to answer the questions of how women perform and communicate their femininity through and what are the gender stereotypes created by magazines that are reproduced by women on social media. This essay will look at is why this research is important and how this research was conducted, it will highlight some of the key results that were found during the research and what it could mean in terms of femininity in the modern day. It will also mention the shortcoming of the research conducted and the limitations of the research. There is more than one ‘self’, there is the ‘on stage’, ‘off stage’ and ‘back stage’ self. Each of these selves defines how a person might act depending on the situation. According to Goffman, the ‘ on stage’ and the ‘back stage’ are selves that require a performance, where one can control how they want to represent themselves and to an extentShow MoreRelatedRacism Is Still With Us3110 Words   |  13 Pagesracial group, for their self-respect, personal identity, social positions, racial pride, intergroup relations, and ultimately how one should feel regarding their cultural heritage; with also keeping in mind the possibility of hostile racial encounters (Sanders-Thompson, 1994; Stevenson, 1995; Thomas and Speight, 1999; Hughes et al., 2006 Martin and McAdoo, 2007). Racial socialization messages are usually transmitted by parents. Racial socialization has been expressed through past research as something